Thursday, September 09, 2004

First ever blog.

I decided so much is going on with me and I get so many questions from people asking what is going on with Shaman, my comic, Noadi's Pixels, and my life in general that I'd start a blog so I can keep everyone up to date. Of course if you have a question just ask and I'll try to address it either here or in an email to you.

So first of all I've redesigned both of my webpages very recently. The new design for has been up for about two weeks, and was put up today. Both sites have polls up asking what you think of the layouts. As a new feature on the sites I now have a couple cafepress shops, one for each site. Noadi's Shaman Shop is all merchandise featuring my artwork and the exact prints will be rotated regularly. Shaman RPG Shop is all stuff with a Shaman logo on it. I don't expect to make much if anything off these, mostly it's just for fun though by all means buy something if you like it.

Shaman is progressing very slowly. My programmer appears to have dropped off the face of the earth without giving me my battle system. So I'm left with programming the battle system myself which is obviously quite the setback. I do however have some wonderful friends who have offered to help where they can I really appreciate it, though they might now appreciate me when I start bugging them constantly. My wonderful composer Nynne has given me a batch of new music for Shaman and all of it is incredible, I can't wait to have a demo out if only so you can hear how it matches Shaman so well.

So for the other random stuff going on. The Shaman comic is progressing, I'm really not working on it quite as much as I should be. I've been doing some basic world building stuff for Diona like creating an alphabet/rune system, I'm mostly creating it for my own use though you may see some of the letters occationally in my art especially if I illustrate much spell casting. In stuff completely outside of Shaman I've been doing some beading, I made a rather pretty hair quill, you can see a picture here but it's pretty grainy because of my camera. I've been looking for stuff I can make reasonably fast that would sell nicely at a craft fair and I think I found one because really they only take 30 minutes or so to make, not counting the time it takes for the varnish and glue to dry and I'm sure it'll take less time the more practice I get.
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