Monday, April 28, 2008

Curse of the Turtle

I don't think I've ever had anyone say anything negative about my Hatching Turtle sculpture but it just won't sell. I've now had the fourth potential sale of my turtle fall through (yes, four separate people). It's really getting funny that people seem to like my turtle enough to want to buy it just not enough to follow through.

The first time I got really excited and actually packed up the little turtle ready to be shipped out and the buyer backed out. Second and third time I got excited but both people were from outside the US so I knew the shipping cost might be a little too much to be worth it. This last time I decided I wouldn't get excited until I recieved payment, which I haven't yet.

For now turtle has a place in my display cabinet and I'm starting to think he's cursed and will be living there forever.

Saturday, April 26, 2008

So what happened to the Carnival of Sculpts?

Well it was supposed to be yesterday, but I only recieved one entry for the carnival. Obviously I'm a little disapointed but I hope that the reason I didn't get entries was that everyone is too busy sculpting to blog. I'll set up the carnival again for next month but if it also flops I'll have to discontinue it.

Now for that one entry: A. Lee presents How Is A Bronze Sculpture Made? posted at

If you've read this blog much you know that I can't mold or cast to save my life. I greatly admire anyone who can so it's pretty cool to read about how bronze is done.

Monday, April 21, 2008

Fun with Perma-Pets

I had a little fun with my Perma-Pets this weekend. I created a Squidoo lens about them in the style of old fashioned advertisements.

Perma-Pet Sculptures by Noadi's Art

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Article on Photographing Jewelry

I just had this article published with Associated Content, I wrote about the best ways I've found to photograph my handmade jewelry. I hope you find it useful.
Tips for Photographing Your Handmade Jewelry
Learn how to take beautiful photos of your jewelry creations to use when selling online or just to show them off on your website.

Wednesday, April 09, 2008

New Non-Art Blog

This is the last time you'll see anything posted here not directly related to Noadi's Art. I've started a new blog called Sheryl's Scribblings for all the articles, Squidoo lenses, websites, etc. that I do that aren't related to art or art business in any way. I do hope you'll check it out.

Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Submit Posts to the Carnival of Sculpts

I'll be hosting a blog carnival starting this month for sculptors. Go to BlogCarnival for more information and how to submit your blog posts. It will be posted on the last Friday of every month, for April this will be the 25th (the submission deadline is the 23rd).

The carnival is open to any blog post about a sculptors finished work, works in progress, tutorials, or other interesting posts about your sculpting. Posts needs to be about your own sculpture not other artists work.

Monday, April 07, 2008

Fire Dancer Concept

Here you go, as promised the concept art for my Fire Dancer sculpt. I decided to play with watercolors a little bit for this one. I never claimed to be any good at watercolors but it gets across the idea of the motion and the vibrancy of the colors I want.

And here's a photo of the fabric that was the inspiration for this sculpt. I'm still working on getting the right way of stiffening it for use in this sculpt.

In other news, I now have an announcement newsletter that you can sign up for. It'll go out once or twice a month and announce new artwork, sales, deals, etc.

Subscribe to Noadi's Art Mailing List


Sunday, April 06, 2008

Get Free Stuff from Me

I'm starting a new promotion for my web shop. If you buy 4 or more items from Noadi's Art Shop from the sculpture, jewelry, or ornaments categories (sorry this doesn't apply to sculpting supplies) I will send you a gift certificate for one free jewelry item. This applies whether you purchase 4 at once or over several orders. Simply fill out the certificate and mail it back to me with your selection and I'll send you your free gift (shipping is free too).

You can choose from gargoyles, cthulhu's gems, cephalopods, cuttlefish, or trilobites, the colors are a surprise.

And now for something completely different: I just started working on the concept sketch for my fire dancer sculpture, I'll post it once I've finished.

Thursday, April 03, 2008

No More NoFollow

I've edited the template for the blog to get rid of the nofollow attribute. Now assuming I've done it right your comments will now leave a link the search engines can follow for indexing. Just don't spam or I'll delete the comment.


I've spent a good chunk of the past few days editing cuttlefish jewelry pictures which is quite repetitive and I've gotten to the point where editing photos is pretty automatic for me. This gives me plenty of time to think and come up with new ideas. I don't know how many of these I'll actually make but they're all pretty fun (my mind starts getting silly after a few hours of any repetitive task).

1: Jellyfish necklace. I picture a transluscent bell with beaded tentacles coming out and wrapping around the neck.

2: Salamander sculpture. I'm craving sprign and one annual sign of spring here is when the spotted salamanders start emerging an migrating to water to lay their eggs.

3: Steampunk cephalopods. I'd need to get some gears and other mechanical bits and sculpt a squid or octopus with a panel that opens up to reveal clockwork inside.

4: Dance figure studies. I've found some great reference photos of dancers and contortionists that I'd like to incorporate into some sculptures. I've had the idea of a fire dancer for a while so maybe consinue the theme with different elements.

I think I'm done with creating cuttlefish jewelry for a while. I love making them but I've got a pretty good inventory of them right now so I need to move on to other projects. Here's the most recent additions.

All my Cuttlefish Jewelry.