Friday, June 16, 2006

Rolling along

Hooray, an update in less than a week. Lots of stuff going on so here's an update.

Working on the art show preparation, I bought some matboard to get all my drawings displayed nicely. I had planned on buying precut mats but the local store doesn't sell them but they do sell their matboard remnants (all museum matboard too) in bags for $10, and there were a lot of remnants in the bag I bought, 75 to be exact and I swear the bag weighed about 20lbs so it was a very good deal. They're mainly the windows that were cut out of the mats when the store does framing. They are a bunch of sizes, and none are really huge but since my work is all on the smaller side it's perfect for me. Now I just need a mat cutter this weekend, I'm planning to get a cheap little Xacto board cutter which can do 45ยบ bevels but from what I've heard it does take extra patience, I'm not going to be doing enough matting to justify buying a good mat cutter right now. If I ever start producing drawings faster or start selling them quickly then I'll invest in one.

I have 2 sculptures I'm showing which haven't been completely painted yet that I'm working on. My mermaid bust recieved some damage during my unsuccessful attempt to mold her so I had to repair her and she's awaiting some touchup painting. Probably a good thing I wasn't planning to sell her anyway since now I can't with the damage even patched well.

Add to the list trying to figure out how to price the pieces I do plan to have for sale, printing up information on my art, trying to write an artist statement and I'm just a little stressed. It's probably just me doing it to myself since it's supposed to be a more casual layed back show but I'm too much of a perfectionist for that I guess.

In non-art show related stuff, my mom wanted photos of her garden (she's addicted to gardening) so I spent a couple hours with my digital camera Tuesday taking photos, here are my 3 favorites scaled down so they'd fit here.

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