Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Top Ten Signs You Need a Break from Sculpting

Something funny I came up with today (or at least I think it's funny).

10. While preparing for a big dinner you start considering how you could use the cooking implements to sculpt.

9. Your significant other mistakes the clay you stored in the fridge for freshness for fudge.

8. You freak out if anyone tries to organize your studio, the mess is really a complicated sorting system.

7. You own body building books and magazines even though you never set foot in a gym.

6. When shopping you consider buying fruits and veggies for the textures rather than to eat.

5. You think plasticine is the perfect remedy for dry skin.

4. You've run out of room for unfinished Works in Progress, they are now stacked on every piece of furniture in the house.

3. Friends and relatives won't let their kids into your studio for their own safety.

2. You spend all your free time (when you aren't sculpting) online talking about sculpting.

1. You've named your dremel.

Feel free to leave your additions to the list in the comments.
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