Thursday, December 27, 2007

What Makes it All Worth It

So my best friend took me out to eat at a Chinese restaurant yesterday after we dropped her husband off at work. While we were there our waitress complimented the Cthulhu's Gem necklace I was wearing and I told her I made it and showed her the little pocket portfolio I keep in my purse. The way she looked at the photos and tried so hard to tell me what she thought about them even though her english wasn't very good nearly made me cry. Then she brought over one of her co-workers to look at it too. Selling my sculptures is great and for my own survival I need to do it but it's reactions like hers that really get me motivated and shows me that what I'm doing makes more people happy than just myself.

Also there's something to pay attention to here. Always be prepared to show people your work as an artist. You can get a pocket sized photo album just about anywhere for a few dollars, business cards or postcards are cheap to have made, if you can wear your art in some way as jewelry, t-shirt, button, etc. do it. You may meet people that way you never would have otherwise.
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