Friday, January 25, 2008

Peak Inside My Studio

Studio is a bit of a misnomer, it's more a corner but it's my workspace. So lets take a little tour.

First up here's my computer desk and the brand new computer. Isn't it pretty? Little plug to the Shiflett Brothers that's their sculpting forum up on my screen. My old computer took up nearly that entire desk, I love actually having a little space now for a little sketchpad or just messing around with gadgets. I like having my computer so close to my sculpting area, I can just load up reference photos on the screen.

Okay on to the real sculpting space. Here's my desk. As you can see there's no chair, I use the same chair for both my computer and the sculpting desk, there really isn't enough space for two.

My desk isn't very big but I'm quite attached to it, when I was given it a few years ago it was truly hideous but it clearly was good construction so I wasn't going to toss it in the trash. Someone had tried to revarnish it using a dark brown varnish that was streaky and even though I know it was in an attic for years was tacky to the touch like it had never fully dried. I stripped it down, refinished it, and added new hardware until it was the cute little thing it is today. One of the things I added to it were little brass hooks to I could hang stuff like my heat gun. You can see my Selkie Emerging sculpt that I've been working on and a self portrait bust I started months ago and haven't finished yet. Usually there's also a lazy susan that I use to rotate my sculpts on but I'm using it for an experiment in photography right now.

The insides of my desk drawers are a complete mess so I won't show them to you, suffice to say that they contain tools, paints, and non-clay materials like wooden bases, wire, etc.

Here's a close up of some of the stuff on my desk. In the jewelry box are ribbons for hanging ornaments, cold porcelain flowers, a few pendants I sculpted. Various bottles of stuff I use, isopropyl alcohol, sculpey diluent, liquid sculpey, gesso, various types of glue, some paints, masking fluid. The magnifier is a really cheap plastic thing from the drug store, it was really light so I glued some weights inside the base which is hollow plastic, and to dress it up sponged silver and antique gold paint onto it.

use, shells, glass gems, beads, some of theTurning around behind my desk is the storage. Top shelf is fun stuff that I closed containers have thumbtacks, pins, other odds and ends. The lightning globe is just for fun. And there's my little first aid kit, that's really important. Second shelf is books, mostly art related, some magazines those are mostly Discover and Smithsonian, the little set of drawers has user manuals for tools, some unfinished little projects, and tools I don't use much. Bottom shelf are my tool boxes and pasta machine.

Last we have my big set of storage drawers, top is odds and ends, middle is clay, bottom is fabric some for projects some for backdrops when photographing my sculpts. And my book holder, I built it out of foamcore and soem elastic to hodl my books while I sculpt, the one in it right now is Modeling and Sculpting the Human Figure by Edouard Lanteri.

Not shown is the curio cabinet, hutch, and top of my tv stand where I keep all my finished work, and the area of the basement where I mess around with mold stuff (not so successfully) and airbushing (more successfully).

If you want bigger pics you can check them out on flickr here: Noadi's Studio
Also I forgot to add yesterday that you can check out bigger pics of my selkie here: Work in Progress Set
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