Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Big Eye Dummies

Well I had been planning to write today about preparing for the Norway Sidewalk Art Show but I got a surprise in the mail today.

A while ago I came across this Squidoo lens on these really cool designer plush animals called Big Eye Dummies. I thought they were really cute and I left a comment saying so. The concept is great, they are cute, comical, plush animals with interchangeable magnetic eyes and mouths.

Today when I checked my mail there was this package for me. I wasn't sure what it could be, I haven't ordered anything recently. I open up the box and there's Hanna Hopper and a very nice letter from the designer thanking me for my kind words.

Also this cute robot drawing.
Big Eyed Dummies Official Site
Big Eyes Dummies Blog

YouTube Video about the Dummies
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