Sunday, January 11, 2009

Been Distracted Lately

Lots of non-Noadi's Art stuff going on right now. For the most part good though I did have a minor crises with my contact lenses that left me with only one for about a week (my eyesight is terrible so it really messed up my vision). My brother is home on leave from the Air Force for the month, this is the first time he's been home in a year. I also got a big new toy:

It's a 4.5 inch reflecting telescope and a dream come true. I've wanted a telescope since I was a little kid and with my parents chipping in half the cost as an Xmas present I could finally afford one. Unfortunately I do live in Maine so it's incredibly cold this time of year but I've been risking the frostbite anyway.

I do have some great Noadi's Art news coming up soon, I promise.
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