Thursday, May 28, 2009

Ramping Things Up for Summer

I have my first show of the summer in just over a month so I'm busy getting ready. Part of it is a total overhaul of my display. One thing I absolutely had to have was a new canopy because my old one is in bad shape which will teach me not to buy a cheap canopy that wind can tear apart. This time I went for sturdy..

I also feel so much more professional with the display busts and earring card racks I bought too. I like to make my displays as much as possible but these were things I thought it was better to buy. They're all black so they will go well with the trays I made last year and contrast with the light color of the sea shells and glass I have too. I don't have them assembled yet but I'm going to put half spheres of styrofoam in fishbowls and use that to display my hair sticks which I think will be really cute.

I also just got these great stamps made. They're for a lot of things but one thing I'm planning is to use the big logo stamp on paper bags for the shows to put purchases in.
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