Sunday, October 11, 2009

Lots of Updates

I have a lot going on lately so here are some updates:
  • International Cephalopod Awareness Days have ended. The giveaway and shipping special was a success. Jae has claimed her octopus and hopefully she loves it when it arrives.
  • To make room for a new trilobite design I'm planning I've dropped the prices on the current design to $15. You can find them on Etsy and eCrater
  • I've also lowered the prices on my gargoyle jewelry. I'm going to be completely discontinuing the line since it no longer really fits Noadi's Art very well. On Etsy and eCrater
  • I'm working on a commission of 20 pins for a member of a Mardi Gras Krewe, very cool and fun.
  • I sometimes have crazy ideas that I really want to make happen and one from this weekend is the Holiday Horseshoe Crab ornament so keep an eye out for that. It continues the theme from the Xmas Platypus of strange animal ornaments.
  •  I created a new squidoo lens for my steampunk jewelry. It's been pretty popular lately so trying to get it a little more attention and making more multiples than I usually do.
  • Made a dinosaur specimen jar. Might make more, haven't decided yet.

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