Monday, November 15, 2010

New ornaments in the making

Original froggy ornament
So a while back I made this frog ornament. Cute but a bit rough. However lots of people liked it and it has since sold AND I've had a request for another one.

So I've been looking around locally to try to find clear glass ornaments to use without much luck. However I got lucky over the weekend, I went down to Portland and stopped into the Joann's there to get more of the varnish I use on my jewelry and of course they had exactly the ornaments I needed in the holiday section.

Hooray for big craft stores. I wish there was one a little closer to me but that's what I get for living in a small town in the middle of rural Maine.

8 little glass balls for frog ornaments
Here are the new glass balls. I'm planning on making a few changes to the design. First of all wire instead of fishing line to hang the tadpoles inside the balls, ribbon instead of leather cord for hanging, and maybe glue some beads in the bottom of the ball to look like eggs (haven't decided on that yet). Also I'm thinking of not just plain old green frogs but maybe a few of the really colorful tropical rain forest frogs as well.
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