Thursday, January 13, 2011

New Year, New Ideas

I like to start each year by reconsidering my approach to what I make. Last year it was that I was unhappy with how my steampunk jewelry was turning out so I sought out a few clear coat for them. Switching from Diamond Glaze to Ice Resin meant I had to increase my prices but the vastly better results was worth it.

This year I hope to expand my jewelry lines to new types of jewelry. In my established cephalopod lines I want to revisit making earrings and hair sticks, along with making more pins and cufflinks. I have the new tentacle line with is currently just two (sold) bracelets. I want to make more bracelets, rings, earrings, and necklaces in this line. My Cthulhu line is doing well and I'm considering expanding it with more press-molded Lovecraft inspired work but if I do it won't be until at least summer, I want to focus on the new cephalopod and tentacle stuff first.

I'm considering but haven't made up my mind yet about discontinuing my trilobite and horseshoe crab necklaces. I really like making them but they haven't sold well. I'm not planning to remove them from the shop but probably just stop making new ones to replace those that have sold. If anyone has any suggestions about these lines or thinks I should keep making them please let me know, I'd appreciate the input.

As for my non-jewelry work. I have plans for new perma-pets, tins, and sculptures in the next few months.

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