Monday, February 28, 2011

A Follow Up

Okay, so after my previous post I had a few people insist that no I'm not boring and I should tell my story. Well I still insist it's not that interesting but I think I should flesh out what I wrote before.

I do care deeply about what I do, I have a strong drive to create things and I have the best job in the world because of this. The thing is, while I care a lot about everything I create the main reason I create it is that I think it's fun, or cool, or beautiful. I have sometimes done stuff that has more meaning behind it (see my sculpture Odin's Runesong) but most of it is just because the idea struck me as something I'd enjoy making.

I get asked a lot why I make so many cephalopods. Do they have some special meaning to me? The simple answer is that they are my favorite group of animals and I find them fascinating. The only "message" I want my jewelry to send to people is that cephalopods are pretty cool animals.
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