Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Getting Ready for Halloween

I know it's only August but if I waited until October to get the shop ready for Halloween it would be too late. I've started adding some new H.P. Lovecraft inspired jewelry and brought back the new and improved Frankenpods.

First up I have a new smaller Cthulhu Cameo, it's 1 1/8 inches across (the larger size is 1 3/4 inches) and Cthulhu is facing forward rather than in profile.

I've also started creating sculpted Cthulhu jewelry and larger Cthulhu figures in the same pose. The pendants are 1 inch tall while the figures are 2 inches tall (a hanging loop and ribbon can be added to these by request if you'd like to hang them from a tree/hook/tentacle).

The first non-Cthulhu design added to my Lovecraftian jewelry is a pendant based on Lovecraft's story "The Hound". In it a young man and his friend are haunted by a demonic winged hound summoned by an amulet they stole from a grave.

Finally I've brought back the Frankenpods. I first created one of these several years ago and liked the idea but all my cephalopod designs hadn't quite come together yet so I only made one. I've now revived the idea and created not just a cuttlefish one but also squid, nautilus, and octopus frankenpods.

The Original Frankenpod
New and Improved Frankenpod Cuttlefish

Frankenpod Squid

Frankenpod Nautilus

Frankenpod Octopus

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