Monday, September 19, 2011

Important Upcoming Dates

It's getting closer to the holidays so things are getting busy. Here are some upcoming dates to keep in mind:

International Cephalopod Appreciation Days - October 8-10 - The yearly celebration of all things cephalopod. I'll be holding a sale and giveaway.

Halloween Order Deadline - October 25 - If you want jewelry from me for your costume you'll need to order by then to guarantee it will arrive by the 31st (US only)

Custom Jewelry Order Deadline - November 20 - Please, if you want something custom for Christmas contact me ASAP. If I have too many custom orders I may move the date.

Custom Small Sculpture Deadline - October 31 - Small sculptures I can do custom (Perma-Pets, etc) but larger pieces I may not be able to make in time for Christmas. The sooner you get me your custom request the more likely I will be able to fulfill it.

Black Friday/Cyber Monday - November 25-28 - The much hyped kickoff of the holiday shopping season. I'll be offering free shipping in the US and reduced shipping worldwide.

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