Thursday, September 29, 2011

Quick Note on Necklaces

After running a survey and getting feedback elsewhere I'm going to be changing my standard necklace length for a number of designs to 20 inches from 24 inches. This includes the octopus, squid, cuttlefish, nautilus, and trilobite designs (other designs like the specimen jars and tentacle chokers are different lengths already, 18 and 15 inches respectively).

Most feedback said they preferred a necklace that was 18 inches long though in my judgement that's a little too short for such large pendants.  Using myself as a guide they just don't quite hang right so short (though on a shorter person they might, I'm 5'6"). I will always re-size necklaces to whatever length a customer would prefer but most people just order the standard size that's offered so I want to have one that makes the most people happy.

Necklaces currently in stock won't be shortened right away (it would be a big project) but all necklaces made going forward will be, including 3 I'm finishing up right now. This goes along with some other changes I will be announcing in the next few days, I am waiting on some new supplies to be delivered that will allow me to expand the jewelry I offer. Nothing is going away, I promise, this is all new stuff that will be added to what I already create.
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