Monday, December 26, 2011

Pricing Changes

After a lot of agonizing over the math I have a couple related announcements when it comes to the prices of my jewelry:

1) Starting January 1, prices on my jewelry will be going up.
2) Also starting January 1, I'll no longer be charging shipping on my jewelry.

Basically costs of both shipping and materials are going up for me and the increases I need to make would leave me with fairly awkward prices (for example $31.60 for a standard octopus necklace and $3.25 for shipping for a total of $34.85) but if I include shipping in the prices I can price things more easily as multiples of 5 ($35 for standard octopus, $40 for Cosmic, $45 for Steampunk). Also from a promotion standpoint this will help me on places like Google Shopping where free shipping is a sorting option.

As for my other items: Prices for sculpture I've already finished and have for sale are staying where they are however new pieces will probably be priced higher and I will be increasing their shipping costs once the new shipping prices go into effect next year. Ornaments and other small items like the decorated tins will be going up much like jewelry with free shipping.

These changes won't be happening until January 1 so you have a few days to snag some jewelry at the current prices in my Etsy shop.

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