Sunday, May 06, 2012

New Jewelry and Next Flea-for-All

After my first weekend at the Portland Flea-for-All I learned some really important things. First of all I had a lot of interest but also a lot of comments about how my jewelry was too bold or out there for a lot of the people shopping. This isn't usually a concern for me when selling online because the beautiful thing about the internet is that you can have very niche products and still sell if the right people are seeing them. When selling in person I need to appeal to a broader audience than just the type of people who buy from my Etsy shop (and that audience changes, I'll have a different selection when I'm at PortCon than at the Flea-for-All).

So to broaden that range of jewelry I offer, including in terms of price, I spent the last week creating a new line of jewelry that fits in with what I already make but has a little more mainstream appeal. So I have a new line of fun, colorful, seashell jewelry. Some are hand formed and some are press molded from silicone molded I made using real seashells. Currently these are only available in person or for custom and wholesale orders. If you are interested in them please drop me an email 

Speaking of the Flea-for-All, the next date I will be there is May 13th (that is Mother's Day) from 10am-5pm. You can find the Flea-for-All at 125 Kennebec Street in Portland, ME (it's the old Asia West showroom).

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