Sunday, July 20, 2008

Got a New Commission

So I received a sculpture commission this week from the same client who commissioned the Lionfish Mermaid. I want to do a full figure sculpt for him, it'll probably be about 6-8 inches high. Only problem is I have no idea what I'm going to sculpt right now. He doesn't want it until around Halloween so I have plenty of time (he lives in New Orleans and wants it shipped after hurricane season which is completely understandable). I've got a few ideas floating around in my head but nothing that has solidified yet into something I want to sculpt.

I have to say I've had such an amazing couple of weeks that I haven't really come down off it yet. A free plushy, art shows, an award, sales, and a commission. Also apparently there's a surprise in the mail for me from bdkz for being a giant squid on Squidoo.
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