Monday, September 01, 2008

Brand New Jewelry

So I've been busy this week making jewelry. First are a brand new design I made using some new premo frost along with purple and yellow premo and some pearl ex pigments. They are tiny little jellyfish earrings and they are quite translucent and almost glow when back lit.

I also sculpted 10 cuttlefish pendants and 30 tiny cuttlefish for earrings (told you I was busy). Here are the first batch I've finished painting. If you notice there's onyl one pair of earrings, that's because I ran out of earring hooks and need to buy some more this week.

From left to right. Top row: Violet Cuttlefish Necklace, Watermelon Cuttlefish Necklace. Bottom row: Mechanical Cuttlefish Jewelry Set, Midnight Cuttlefish Necklace.

I also put together this little video of some of my cuttlefish jewelry. These are all slightly older ones since I did it before finishing these new ones.

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