Monday, February 16, 2009

Feeling Warm and Fuzzy

I got some feedback on one of my cuttlefish necklaces today that totally made my day.
Thanks for the necklace! It's even prettier in real life, and the pictures had me going 'wow' in the first place. The cord is the perfect length, you have no idea how frustrated I get when I buy a pendant or necklace and the cord automatically makes it a choker. The little charm included is cute too and makes a nice earring! What really won me over was the fact that you actually INCLUDED an invoice and a neat pamphlet about your work. Many people on Etsy and other sites often forget to include the invoice, and the pamphlet and business cards are a nice touch and chance for the buyer to learn a little more about the artist and the jewelry as well (storing and cleaning instructions are greatly appreciated). Thank you so much for this order! I love the pendant and the care you put both into making it and sending it my way!
Creating my jewelry and to have people buy it is thrilling enough but to hear from someone so excited about it is just amazing.
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