Tuesday, February 03, 2009

New Design and a Bad Day

Yesterday was pretty rough for me. I have a lot of pets and I'm very attached to all of them. Yesterday my dad found one of our goats Tansy shortly after she died, when I got out to the barn she was still warm. It was a total shock, she was acting fine in the morning. She ate normally, wanted to be petted, begged for a fruit treat, just a regular morning. She was an older goat, eight years old, from the position she was in it looks like she was probably asleep and didn't suffer which I'm glad about.

Here's a photo of Tansy playing with Blossom (she's the white and tan one).

I did finish a new necklace design in the same style as my cuttlefish but this one is an octopus. I really like how it turned out. Orange Octopus Necklace

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