Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Update on the Art Show

First a little explanation about why it's taken me so long to update. My mom grew up in fostercare and she had the most wonderful foster-mother. Me and my brother were very close to her and as far as we're concerned she was far more out grandmother than my mother's biological mother. She was 85 years old and for her age quite healthy until the first week of July, she had a series of heart attacks and strokes over two weeks until she passed away due to bleeding in her brain that the doctors are pretty sure was caused by an undiagnosed tumor. Obviously that knocked me for an emotional loop. On top of that my mom had already arranged several years ago to become my mentally disabled foster-uncle's guardian when my grandmother could no longer care for him so he's been in the process of moving in the past couple weeks which has really taken up a lot of time and energy.

Okay back to the Art Show. It went pretty well considering it was a very small show competing with a much larger better advertised one. I sold two small sculptures and generated quite a bit of interest in my art including an invitation to display in a new local gallery.

Here is the photo I took of my display:

I think the best part of it all was networking with the other artists and getting to talk to people who've been doing this a lot longer than I have. I really learned a lot from the show which makes it more than worth it. As for that invitation for the gallery I'm proud to say I currently have several pieces in the Elements Gallery in Bethel, ME which I can't describe how excited I am about that.

Friday, June 16, 2006

Rolling along

Hooray, an update in less than a week. Lots of stuff going on so here's an update.

Working on the art show preparation, I bought some matboard to get all my drawings displayed nicely. I had planned on buying precut mats but the local store doesn't sell them but they do sell their matboard remnants (all museum matboard too) in bags for $10, and there were a lot of remnants in the bag I bought, 75 to be exact and I swear the bag weighed about 20lbs so it was a very good deal. They're mainly the windows that were cut out of the mats when the store does framing. They are a bunch of sizes, and none are really huge but since my work is all on the smaller side it's perfect for me. Now I just need a mat cutter this weekend, I'm planning to get a cheap little Xacto board cutter which can do 45ยบ bevels but from what I've heard it does take extra patience, I'm not going to be doing enough matting to justify buying a good mat cutter right now. If I ever start producing drawings faster or start selling them quickly then I'll invest in one.

I have 2 sculptures I'm showing which haven't been completely painted yet that I'm working on. My mermaid bust recieved some damage during my unsuccessful attempt to mold her so I had to repair her and she's awaiting some touchup painting. Probably a good thing I wasn't planning to sell her anyway since now I can't with the damage even patched well.

Add to the list trying to figure out how to price the pieces I do plan to have for sale, printing up information on my art, trying to write an artist statement and I'm just a little stressed. It's probably just me doing it to myself since it's supposed to be a more casual layed back show but I'm too much of a perfectionist for that I guess.

In non-art show related stuff, my mom wanted photos of her garden (she's addicted to gardening) so I spent a couple hours with my digital camera Tuesday taking photos, here are my 3 favorites scaled down so they'd fit here.

Monday, June 12, 2006

Big update about what I've been up to.

I know I'm the world's worst blog writer when it comes to updating often enough. I keep saying I'll change but so far it hasn't happened.

So lots of things have been going on for me in the past few months. The big one from a personal standpoint is that my mom was diagnosed with cancer, she's finished her treatment now and she's feeling better every day, the outlook for her is excellent according to her doctors. So that has been a big stress for me recently and is part of my lack of updates to both my blog and my website which is why I never added work from February until this month.

On a more professional and happy note, there has been a lot going on for me and my art. First of all I took life drawing class and the results you can view here, it was a great experience if you are an artist and have never taken life drawing I really recommend it.

Second, I've gotten a summer job at a local studio. I'll be cutting mats, framing, and keeping track of print sales. It's only part time but the experience I'll get seeing how professional artists run a business will be very valuable for me I think.

Finally third and biggest in my mind, I'm going to be doing my very first art show on July 1st. I'm really excited about the chance to sell some of my work, I'll have both drawings and sculpture there. If you are in the Bethel, Maine area that day please stop by the "Shy, Novice, and Closeted Art Show", it's the same day as an art show for more established artists as well so you'll have plenty to see.

Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Mold Making First Attempt - part I

So I've started my first foray into molding and casting. It's been interesting so far. No major disasters but a couple minor ones.

Here's the victim.

First here's a cardboard prop to keep the bust I'm molding in the right position. This led to minor disaster number one, I managed to both cut myself with my knife and burn my fingers with the hot glue gun. The prop worked well though.

The next couple steps I forgot to take pictures of, I built a layer of Klean Klay (sulfur free modeling clay) over one half of the bust and then layered plaster of paris on top. Once dry I flipped it over and did the same on the other side, this gave me a nice plaster mother mold that will be filled with the mold rubber. Here's where minor disaster number two and three come along. On one side of my mother mold layer of plaster for some reason didn't quite adhere to the first layer and flaked off so I wasted quite a bit of plaster and time. Then I managed to spill plaster all over my floor which I'm still working on cleanign up. A minor annoyance was finding out after I used vaseline as a release agent for the plaster that I could have used liquid soap instrad which would have been far far easier to clean off.

After all the plaster was dried I had to open up the mother mold, that went well even with the vaseline making a mess all over my hands. I removed the klean klay from one half of the mother mold, and on the other side you can see the clay bed that will be a barrier to the rubber when I pour it. I had to position the clay bed so that when I open the rubber mold that it won't catch uder her ears which was the only majot undercut on this bust.

Next step will be to pour the first half of the rubber mold, that I will probably do tonight so it can cure overnight.

Thursday, January 05, 2006


I've come to the conclusion that being able to track a package being sent to you online makes waiting for it even worse.

I ordered some sculpting and casting supplies and they should be arriving soon. I'm planning to document my first casting attempt here, I'm hoping it goes well rather than embarassing.

I've continued brainstorming sculpture ideas, a little more seriously than last time.
- The Dord Fian, mythical celtic horn that calls the fianna (army of heros led by Finn Mac Cumhail)
- Boudicca - I love history and Boudicca was a very heroic and tragic woman who defied the roman empire. She supposedly had hair down past her knees, sculpting hair liek that would be a wonderful challenge.

Tuesday, January 03, 2006

What a sculptor does when she's bored.

So I was on IRC(#pixelation on last night a bit bored so I did some brainstorming for sculpture ideas. The guys on the channel found them funny so I thought I'd share here.

1) Squirrel holding a ring "my precious".
2) Kitten in the holy grail.
3) Bonsai kitten assembled kind of like those ships in bottles.
4) Hatching baby gryphon based on baby cockatiels (they are ugly beyond words).
5) Christmas Platypus. Okay, this was an idea I had a while back but I still like it.

I have no idea if I'll ever sculpt any of these but it was fun coming up with them.