Tuesday, May 25, 2010

First Wholesale Order

So I'm sitting here with my first wholesale order completed, packed up, and ready to go to the post office. It's a pretty cool feeling. I've done a large multiple order before but that was for members of a club not for resale.

I made 10 specimen jars for a store that sells latex and nickel free products. This meant I had to change the design somewhat to eliminate all the metals I usually use that might contain some nickel. So I figured out a new way to hang the jars which I actually like better than the wire wrapping I was doing and have started using it for my own shop's necklaces. I also use a simple cord tying trick I learned a few years ago to make the necklaces able to go on over the head then adjust without any metal findings.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Using Ice Resin

A couple months ago I switched from using Diamond Glaze in my steampunk jewelry to using Ice Resin. I really love this stuff, it comes out crystal clear and very hard.

So I've put together a tutorial Using Ice Resin to Create Jewelry on Squidoo including a couple videos I shot.