Tuesday, June 09, 2015

The Lady of Innsmouth Kickstarter has Launched

It's been an amazing less-than-24 hours. Since I launched the Kickstarter yesterday (a day earlier than planned) it's already hit half it's funding goal.

The Lady of Innsmouth is 8 1/2 inches tall, I started working on her around March of last year and just recently finished her. My goal through the whole process was to mold and cast her in resin, once I added up everything I was going to need to do the casting run I realized it just wasn't in my budget. Thankfully Kickstarter exists and lets me raise money to create a project in advance. If you back the Lady of Innsmouth you can select from several reward options that will get you a completed Lady of Innsmouth statue in three different finished (white resin, limited edition hand painted resin, and cold cast bronze) as well as some lower cost rewards like bookmarks, and art print, or a resin tentacle. So go ahead and check it out.