Thursday, September 29, 2011

Quick Note on Necklaces

After running a survey and getting feedback elsewhere I'm going to be changing my standard necklace length for a number of designs to 20 inches from 24 inches. This includes the octopus, squid, cuttlefish, nautilus, and trilobite designs (other designs like the specimen jars and tentacle chokers are different lengths already, 18 and 15 inches respectively).

Most feedback said they preferred a necklace that was 18 inches long though in my judgement that's a little too short for such large pendants.  Using myself as a guide they just don't quite hang right so short (though on a shorter person they might, I'm 5'6"). I will always re-size necklaces to whatever length a customer would prefer but most people just order the standard size that's offered so I want to have one that makes the most people happy.

Necklaces currently in stock won't be shortened right away (it would be a big project) but all necklaces made going forward will be, including 3 I'm finishing up right now. This goes along with some other changes I will be announcing in the next few days, I am waiting on some new supplies to be delivered that will allow me to expand the jewelry I offer. Nothing is going away, I promise, this is all new stuff that will be added to what I already create.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Xmas Beaver Ornaments

I actually started making these and listed them in my Etsy shop last week but neglected to write a post. Every year I try to come up with a different animal Christmas ornament to add to the seasonal section. I now have platypuses, ceolocanths, frogs (discontinued as a regular item but available by request), and this year's addition: the Xmas Beaver!

Yes, I'm having a very juvenile glee at showing people my beaver. I apparently have an inner 12-year-old boy despite never having been one.

So why a beaver? Rude jokes aside it actually is because of a misunderstanding by my brother. He had seen one of my platypuses briefly looking at my website and he asked me if I still had beaver ornaments. I said no, I have platypuses, but the idea stuck in my head the rest of the day and finally I just decided that I'd have to make them. Seeing that beavers and platypuses have very similar shapes since they both live in freshwater environments it wasn't hard to figure out how to sculpt one. The heads are a bit different and the legs of beavers don't have webbed flipper-like feet but the bodies are pretty much the same and the tails are the same shape though they have different textures.

Monday, September 19, 2011

Important Upcoming Dates

It's getting closer to the holidays so things are getting busy. Here are some upcoming dates to keep in mind:

International Cephalopod Appreciation Days - October 8-10 - The yearly celebration of all things cephalopod. I'll be holding a sale and giveaway.

Halloween Order Deadline - October 25 - If you want jewelry from me for your costume you'll need to order by then to guarantee it will arrive by the 31st (US only)

Custom Jewelry Order Deadline - November 20 - Please, if you want something custom for Christmas contact me ASAP. If I have too many custom orders I may move the date.

Custom Small Sculpture Deadline - October 31 - Small sculptures I can do custom (Perma-Pets, etc) but larger pieces I may not be able to make in time for Christmas. The sooner you get me your custom request the more likely I will be able to fulfill it.

Black Friday/Cyber Monday - November 25-28 - The much hyped kickoff of the holiday shopping season. I'll be offering free shipping in the US and reduced shipping worldwide.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Frankenpods Video

Been having fun with the Frankenpod jewelry. I created a fun mock-movie trailer with suitable B-movie inspired titles and a poster to go with it.

I love being able to play with my designs like this, it helps me break out of my usual routine and think about my jewelry in new ways. In this case I took an obvious theme for my Frankenpods and ran with it.