Monday, October 29, 2012

Holiday Shipping Deadlines

If you are planning to shop with Noadi's Art for the holidays here are your deadlines for ordering. These are my best estimates and not guarantees, so ordering earlier is encouraged.

Hanukkah (Dec 8-16) - For orders to arrive by December 7 you need to order by standard shipping:
  • US Mail - December 1
  • International - November 26 for most addresses, November 19 for Central America, South America, and Africa.
  • APO/FPO/DPO - November 26 for most addresses, November 19 for AE ZIP 093

Solstice/Cephalopodmas (Dec 21) For orders to arrive by December 20 by standard shipping:
  • US - December 14
  • International - December 5 for most addresses, November 27 for Central America, South America, and Africa.
  • APO/FPO/DPO - December 5 for most addresses, November 27 for AE ZIP 093

Christmas/Newtonmas (Dec 25) - For orders to arrive by December 23 by standard shipping:
  • US - December 19
  • International - December 9 for most addresses, December 2 for Central America, South America, and Africa.
  • APO/FPO/DPO - December 9 for most addresses, December 2 for AE ZIP 093 
I've also added these dates to the Events & Dates page.

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

River Otter Ornament Video

I recently finished making a cute little river otter Christmas ornament for a customer who requested one. When I sat down to sculpt it I decided why not make a timelapse video. Okay, it was also an excuse to use the new HD webcam I got. I hope you enjoy it and if you want to request a custom ornament or jewelry please contact me. If you want it in time for Christmas I need to have the request by November 15th.

Friday, October 12, 2012

Fossil Day

This is it, Fossil Day the last day of Cephalopod Awareness Days 2012 (it is also National Fossil Day not just for cephalopods). Today is dedicated to all the cephalopods of the fossil record, the ammonites, belemnites, spirulids, and other extinct species we know only from the traces they've left behind.

The last giveaway is also today. Today's trivia question is a harder one if you aren't a paleontology geek like me so all entries will go into the drawing, not just the correct answers. Just fill out the following Google form between noon and 8pm EDT. Good luck!

The last day of my cephalopod jewelry sale is also today. There's 15% off until midnight when the prices go back to normal.

Entries are Closed

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Myths & Legends Day

Release the Kraken! It's now the 4th day of Cephalopod Awareness Days and we are taking a brief detour from reality into fiction.

The sale ends tomorrow night, this is your last chance to save this much on cephalopod jewelry until next year's Cephalopod Awareness Days, so head over the Etsy shop ASAP. Also click over to Symbiartic on the Scientific American blog network to read a really cool feature on my jewelry.

Today's giveaway is super simple to enter, no trivia today just tell me what your favorite fictional tentacles creature is. Do you favor the Kraken? Cthulhu? Scylla? Or some other more obscure beastie. Just enter your answers into the Google Form and you get a chance to own this original 5"x7" pen and ink squid drawing.

Entries Closed 

And just because it's so cool, check out the Kraken in LEGO form:

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Cuttlefish and Squid Day

Cuttlefish are my first love when it comes to cephalopods, they are the animals which sparked my interest. So for Cuttlefish and Squid day I have the biggest giveaway item of the week. And of course you still have until the end of Friday, Oct. 12, to head over to my Etsy shop and get 15% off on cephalopod jewelry (go on, get yourself something tentacled).

I decided to try something new and use Rafflecopter to run the giveaway and run it from noon to midnight. To enter you need to log in with Facebook or enter your email address then answer the trivia question which will give you 5 entries (make sure if you use Facebook login that you check the email associated with your Facebook account regularly). You can also gain some extra entries via social media. I'll draw the winner by noon tomorrow, October 11.

Noadi's Art Cuttlefish & Squid Day Giveaway

If you want to share the giveaway on your own blog go here for the embed code (won't help your chances of winning but you will have my thanks).

Tuesday, October 09, 2012

Custom Art Deadline

Creating art pieces like Perma-Pets is time consuming so I have to cut off all custom requests for the holidays on October 15th. So if you want a Perma-Pet, Baby Rat, small painting, or other piece of custom artwork* you need to contact me ASAP either by email or through Etsy.

If you want to order custom jewelry or holiday ornaments you have until November 15th to order those (but sooner is better). Also it is still Cephalopod Awareness Days so all cephalopod jewelry has been marked down 15% through the end of Friday, October 12.

* I may not be able to promise completion of larger pieces of art in time for the holidays even if you order now.

Nautilus Night

It's Nautilus Night! The day dedicated to celebrating the most ancient group of living cephalopods.

Today's giveaway is a 7"x5" Natural History Nautilus print and handmade polymer clay nautilus shell pin.

Click the link below to go to a Google form and answer the nautilus trivia question.
Answer Nautilus Trivia

1) You must enter between 12pm and 8pm EDT on Oct. 9, 2012.
2) Open to US residents only (sorry).
3) You can only answer the question once, duplicate entries will be deleted.
4) You must enter a valid email address, it is the method I will use to contact the winner.
5) There is no 5.

If you want some nautilus jewelry head over to the Etsy shop to get 15% off your order of any cephalopod jewelry.

Share and enjoy.

Monday, October 08, 2012

Octopus Day

It's Octopus Day! The kickoff of Cephalopod Awareness Days.

Today's giveaway is a 4"x5" print of my painting "Octopus in Kelp Forest" and a crimson tentacle pin. If you want your chance to win the giveaway go check out the Facebook page between 12pm an 8pm EDT today for how to enter.

Remember there is 15% off all octopus, squid, nautilus, and cuttlefish jewelry in the Etsy shop through October 12th.

Saturday, October 06, 2012

Cephalopod Awareness Days are Imminent

It's almost time, I'm so excited! Cephalopod Awareness Days kicks off at midnight on October 8th. I was going to write a post with all the information again and pictures of the giveaway items but I decided instead to just make video.