Monday, January 30, 2012

Important News

It looks like if all goes well I'll be moving in the next month or so. My boyfriend and I are taking the next big step in our relationship and after almost 2 years of a lot of driving on weekends to see each other (currently we live about an hour and a half drive apart) we'll be moving in together. We're taking a look at several places to rent this week and hopefully one of them works out. I'm a mix of excited and scared since I've never been in a relationship serious enough to get to this stage.

So why am I posting about it here on the blog? Because I'm putting all new custom orders on hold until after I've settled in the new place. I'm going to finish up my current custom orders ASAP so I can focus on packing and cleaning. As soon as I can I'll post an expected date to start accepting new custom orders.