Saturday, November 17, 2012

Quick Announcements

Lots going on so I'm just going to list everything real quickly.
  • I'm at the Portland Flea-for-All this weekend (Nov 17-18).
  • I'm at the Portland Flea-for-All Friday-Sunday next weekend too (Nov 23-25)
  • Also next weekend is Black Friday, I'll be holding a 10% off sale throughout the Etsy shop Friday-Monday (Nov 23-25) the sale will also extend to my booth at the Flea-for-All. And because I'm a sucker for puns I'm calling it the Holiday Tentacular! If you are impatient the sale will go live sometime Thanksgiving night instead of at midnight so I can settle into my turkey coma.
  • New stuff is being added to the shop right now. Along with new cephalopod jewelry there's also tentacle earrings. seashell necklaces, and super adorable sea otter ornaments.

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